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Romans 5:12 Therefore, just as throiugh one person sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all humanity beccause all sinned.

When God created heaven and earth, death was never His original intention or design.  Death came as a result of the choice  of the first human pair to commit sin.  Humans were created to live, not die.  Death came as a judment for sin. We have plenty of stories in the bible that tells us what happens to those who are disobedient, and we have plenty of examples in the world today that shows what happens to those who are disobedient to God, to parents and to the law.  Death is the way life ends for humans.  Humans who are made from dust, return to dust.  As we enter this Christmas season, let us remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us all.  A lot of people are going through this holiday season without a loved one for the first time, and it can be depressing and hard.  Just remember Jesus and the reason He came to earth.  Be blessed and I pray for all the families that are celebrating without a loved one this holiday season.  Cherish the memories of your loved one and celebrate Christ this season.

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